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Our ability to solve your system problems lies in our people, who understand technology from both sides of the keyboard. We can resolve even your most difficult ERP software issues, save you money, and make your business more productive, more efficient, and help keep your technology up to date.

AddOns suite of solution-oriented products fall into the following categories:

Business-driven workforce mobility solutions tailored to mining and deployed by the AddOn’s team of mining experts.

  • Powerful – Greater control and visibility of field activities
  • Flexible – Increased business-centric evolution of mobile processes
  • Integrated – Easy integration with major enterprise systems
  • Seamless – Mobile Devices will continue to function both connected and unconnected to existing Wifi or Cellular network

AddOn’s Workforce Mobility integrates and orchestrates enterprise data tailored to your business processes:

  • Workplace Inspections
  • Equipment Walkarounds
  • Work Management,
  • Safety Workforce Management
  • Plant Inspections
  • Warehouse Mobility Applications

A migration service built on best practices gained from 100s of migrations for faster, more affordable and minimally disruptive upgrades.

  • Minimally disruptive and always current
  • Lowest cost migration with highest customer benefit
  • Accommodates customer specific data configuration and reporting
  • Comprehensive client-specific training and on-boarding
  • PDCA cycle improves outcomes with each migration

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Do you ever wish you could load information from Excel® directly into your ERP? Does your ERP user interface confuse your users, and does this lead to inaccuracy and inefficiency? Do you routinely load or manage large amounts of data in your ERP?

We can help. We have dozens of reliable ERP-enhancing software solutions to offer – all requested by end users like you and designed to meet their specific needs.

AddOns product offerings include a suite of OLAP data cubes that help jump-start your Business Intelligence program. AddOns OLAP data cubes and the associated integration packages are based on Microsoft Analysis Services (MSAS) and Microsoft Power BI and designed to support any Enterprise software source database.

The ERP system you installed years ago was precisely configured to fit your business – as it was structured then. Things have changed a bit. Your organizational chart may have expanded. Entire departments have been created and others dissolved. Chances are your mass of data has not kept pace with these changes.

AddOns experts work closely with our clients’ to analyze and restructure key data elements so they make sense, striking the right balance between ease of use and detailed reporting.

We then implement AddOns proven tools and reliable methodology to surface any corrupt records and correct all those that are non-compliant, preserving data integrity along the way.

You will have clean data that is accurate, easier to use, and drives more effective reporting and decision-making support.

Does your organization struggle to access historical data? Have Mergers and Acquisitions left you with multiple ERP Instances and multiple “Charts of Accounts”? Do you struggle with consolidated reporting and inconsistencies across your operations? AddOns can help!

Our proprietary “Program Generator” tool rapidly identifies every instance of a specific data element across multiple ERP databases, even if it is named differently or embedded in a composite field.

Using this tool, in combination with our proprietary methodology, AddOns ensures that every value in every location across the entire database is correctly converted to its new value, de-conflicted, and validated.

In addition, it accommodates an auditable reverse-engineering path should it be required.

AddOns has an extensive suite of tools and experience that enable integrating your third-party systems with your Enterprise Solutions. With over 200 interfaces and integrations currently in use, we have successfully integrated some of the most obscure and homegrown applications as well as common products such as ADP and Concur. With a solid foundation of products, we leverage our resources and development platforms to cut development time up to 75% over our competitors.

AddOns Connectors for JD Edwards

AddOns Connectors is a new configurable and intuitive excel-based data management application designed for all of the functional areas of JD Edwards data. 

  • Speeds up cleaning and restructure data
  • Quick upload of inventory, equipment and projects
  • Secure and accurate tools simplify managing data 

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