Asset Management Solutions
Managed I.T. services, hosting, and
application support for asset-intensive industries.

We are not a “one size fits all” technology provider. Our solutions are focused on the unique challenges and I.T. requirements facing asset-intensive businesses, reducing downtime and increasing user experience. AddOns is the answer.

What makes you swear?

Ever find yourself yelling obscenities at your computer – words that would make your mother blush? Ever wish you had a reliable I.T. service provider that fixed problems and made your life easier? Ever wish you had a professional services partner that knew your business and offered solutions that really worked?

AddOns, I.T. you swear by, not at™

Managed I.T. Services/Hosting

Offload your I.T. to AddOns and create a reliable, safe I.T. environment with a predictable budget. READ MORE

Professional Services

Get the most out of your asset management and ERP systems without writing a check that makes you swear.


We solved the little things that make our clients swear.

Rawhide Mining Company Swears By Us…

“AddOns has been a valuable partner and ally to our company.  We are able to focus on our core business and not worry about email, servers, and other I.T. related issues.  We have partnered with AddOns for over 10 years for their support on our ERP system and for the past seven years they have hosted our core I.T. systems.  The employees at AddOns are friendly and very knowledgeable about our business.  If you are looking for an I.T. team that understands, cares, and becomes part of your company then I fully recommend AddOns.”

Don Deines, Rawhide Mining Company

Hycroft Mining Corp. Swears By Us…

“We transitioned our Ellipse platform hosting to Addons in November 2015.  It went very smoothly to the point that no-one noticed that we actually did it. In July 2016, we did a second transition onto their new hosting platform with the same result. To me, that is the ultimate compliment. No-one noticed. In the 10 months since we transitioned from our previous provider, we have experienced ZERO unplanned downtime. Yes, I would recommend their services to anyone considering 3rd party hosting services.”

Jim Cameron, Hycroft Mining Corp.

Metropolitan Transit System Swears By Us…

“I am happy to recommend the services of AddOns Incorporated. We have contracted with them since 2007, initially to provide support services for our Ellipse ERP system and more recently other systems, including general Oracle database administration services. They provide excellent services, are knowledgeable, responsive, flexible and their prices competitive.”

Gary Dexter, Metropolitan Transit System

Cloud Peak Energy Swears By Us…

AddOns has made it easy for us to be their partner by consistently providing our company extraordinary hosting, support and integration services over many years.”

Tracy J. Breinholt, Cloud Peak Energy Resources LLC