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Powered by ABB’s Ellipse For your Asset Centered Universe

Copernicus helps an organization get up and running on their core day-to-day processes within a compressed timeframe to quickly begin realizing the benefits of the inherent best business practices of a fully packaged solution.

The Benefits of Copernicus

  • Built for asset intensive industries – We have garnered over 30 years of breadth and depth of experience in providing enterprise solutions to the mining, transportation and utility industries in defining Copernicus, incorporating good industry practice and operational excellence.
  • Full managed service – Copernicus employs the latest proven technologies to deliver a business solution that is; fully hosted and managed, cost effective, simple, robust and scalable, standardized and secure.
  • A solution for end-users – a solution that concentrates on solving the business issues, drives a high adoption rate, and sustained efficiency through ease of use features.
  • Targeted implementation – by pre-packaging the solution with proven business processes and methodologies; the risk, cost and time to implement this solution is greatly reduced.

Copernicus Overview

World Class Asset Management As A Service for Water and Wastewater

  • With ABB Ellipse as the Software Platform
  • With Private Web Hosting
  • At an affordable subscription price
  • With a minimal requirement of cash upfront
  • With a low cost, short and easy implementation process and rapid training.

Copernicus is a solution to help organize and maintain:

  • Management of both Horizontal and Vertical Assets
  • Effective asset and work management
  • Labor Costing & Utilization
  • Condition Assessment
  • Effective Procurement
  • Inventory Management

Ellipse from ABB

  • A pre-packaged, fully defined end-to-end solution for mining, transportation and utilities.

  • The solution encompasses our depth and breadth of industry expertise, together with our market leading products and services to provide a unique solution to the market.

  • The solution is fully pre-packaged:

    • Business process definitions
    • Fully-configured software products
    • Implementation methodology
    • Defined roles and responsibilities
    • Packaged training material
    • User acceptance test (UAT) scripts

  • All of which are fully documented and cross referenced.