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The State of Good Repair requires a detailed Transportation Asset Management plan. Are you prepared?

The AddOns Solution

AddOns has been one of the premier provider of I.T. services to both public and private transportation providers since 1998.

AddOns understands that public transits operate differently than a typical for-profit company. Managing a highly complex, costly, and asset-intensive transit fleet within the limits of FTA, and state and local funding is somewhat of a balancing act. We also understand that new regulations introduced by the MAP-21 legislature will place additional requirements on tracking, reporting, and maintenance of the agencies asset infrastructure.

Successful transportation providers must effectively utilize their enterprise software applications to drive efficiencies and accuracy in controlling costs and gaining optimum utilization from their critical assets. Without an integrated system, transits will not be able to drill down to the parts, labor, and fuel level on their individual vehicles in their fleets. AddOns can help.

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The AddOns Advantage

  • We assist transit agencies with compliance to the MAP-21 requirements through the effective use of the agencies Enterprise software applications.

  • We can assist your agency in developing a Transit Asset Management Plan in support of achieving a State of Good Repair.

  • AddOns has extensive experience working with public transit organizations through the U.S., including bus, light rail, and para-transit operations.

  • We provide 24/7 I.T. support to match your 24/7 operation.

  • We understand the benefits that a well-maintained fleet can provide to an agency outside of simply complying with MAP-21 regulations. We will bring that experience to your agency to improve operational efficiencies, fleet reliability, and reduce costs.

  • AddOns provides turnkey I.T. services and solutions so that you can focus on the business at hand: providing outstanding transit services to your community.