The New Paradigm for Consuming Enterprise Application Software

For years, companies large and small have purchased software to run their business in an old paradigm.

This old way of doing things can be summed up in a few simple and very painful sentences: Big investment. Money spent setting up servers, storage, networking, security, and databases. Time spent on requirements gathering, customizing to fit, data migration, testing, and initial training. And, no funding left at the end for improvements, upgrades, or ongoing training.

In three to five years suddenly it’s time for an upgrade. It feels like you just spent lots of time and a fortune on this software and it is already out of date! You need more budget, you’re behind in the technology – putting you at risk – and the users are complaining because they have more modern software on their phones than their devices at work!

AddOns offers a NEW PARADIGM to change the landscape for how our customers consume enterprise software. Now, companies have the option to invest in software with built-in business processes – based on best practices – that is configurable rather than customizable. Configuring allows for simple upgrades. AddOns customers can economically and simply buy the software hosted in our data center; sign up for a support contract for help desk, release management to take advantage of new releases throughout every year rather than waiting years for more budget, and continuous improvement hours for their employees to optimize the use of the software every year with incremental training. Never get behind on technology and no more big expensive upgrades.

Ellipse Select is the world class enterprise software solution AddOns hosts to help clients integrate their business, quickly experience the value, increase user productivity, and ensure constant technology currency.

AddOns’ Insights for the New Paradigm:

1. Look for software with built-in business processes based on best practices in your industry. Why reinvent the wheel if someone else has found a way to automate processes you can adopt?

Every company has to procure parts, send purchase orders, receive goods, match to the purchase orders, receive invoices, and match those to what was received and pay them. Having the Procurement to Payment process integrated simplifies the process. Every company maintaining large capital equipment – which is AddOns’ focus – has to schedule workers with work orders, make sure there are parts available, keep track of workers’ hours against the work completed, and then account for it. Again, integration of the entire process simplifies the business and provides the information to comply with regulations. Public transits and mining companies are our focus; they both have regulatory requirements based on safety and, in the case of public entities, use of funds that force the standardization of these processes.

2. Remember, not all software fits every industry. Figure out what works best for your company and pick software that has your special requirements satisfied.

3. As you evaluate the business processes built into the system, it’s important to have a “change agent” mindset and to see beyond day-to-day tasks and look at the business process from end-to-end in the enterprise.

4. Talk with references and with the people who understand “why” the business processes were built the way they were. It’s crucial to understand the interdependencies in integrated systems. If you don’t, it could prove to be a nightmare over time. Keep it simple. Buy an integrated system to do as much as you can across your enterprise.

5. Move to the “Cloud” for more flexibility, increased efficiency, and improved cash flow. With AddOns’ Ellipse Select approach, our clients pay for the software by user and get everything included from set-up of their data to the initial training of the new business processes built into the software. They also get ongoing training every year, as well as help desk and continuous improvement consulting to help improve usage over time. Our customers never get behind again.

Why is the new model better? Simply, it’s quicker time-to-value. Plus, shifting investment from big up-front projects to continuous improvement yields always current I.T. technology.

• Leverage Ellipse Select built-in business processes to quickly implement and start using the new system within 90 – 120 days.
• Continual software updates mean you will not be left behind or at risk in terms of technology.
• You can focus on how to improve your use of the system over time, rather than training once and never investing in training again.
• The AddOns team is with you for continuous improvement and is invested in staying current so we can keep you current.


AddOns is an authorized reseller of ABB’s Ellipse Select software. We can help you:

• Increase productivity
• Increase asset utilization
• Reduce operating costs
• Be in regulatory compliance, and
• Mitigate risk

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