Transit Asset Management Plan Consulting

TAM Plan Lite
For Tier II Transit Authorities

AddOns and ABB Consulting for TAM Plan Lite is designed to provide guidance, orientation, tools and approach for meeting FTA October 2018 requirements.  Your Tier II agency will be able to meet the compliance requirements of the FTAs final Rule dated July 26, 2016.  All of this in less than 90 days and a price point that meets your Tier II budget.

TAM Plan Readiness Assessment (gap assessment)

Asset Inventory

  • Consolidation & Reporting Tools
  • Asset Mgmt Guidance
  • Completeness & Accuracy cross-checks

Condition Assessment Tools

  • Inspection Checklists for relevant Asset Classes
  • Assessment Scheduling cycles
  • Inspection Result documentation

Reinvestment Forecast

  • Performance Measurement & Analysis Tools
  • Repair/Recondition/Replacement Decision Tools
  • Project Estimating & Budgeting Tools

TAM Plan Documents (2)

  • FTA-compliant spreadsheet format
  • Local Transit Authority/City Council (human-readable) document