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For your Asset Centered Universe

Copernicus helps an organization get up and running on their core day-to-day processes within a compressed timeframe to quickly begin realizing the benefits of the inherent best business practices of a fully packaged solution.

The Benefits of Copernicus

  • Built for asset intensive industries – We have garnered over 30 years of breadth and depth of experience in providing enterprise solutions to the mining industry in defining Copernicus, incorporating good industry practice and operational excellence.
  • Full managed service – Copernicus employs the latest proven technologies to deliver a business solution that is; fully hosted and managed, cost effective, simple, robust and scalable, standardized and secure.
  • A solution for end-users – a solution that concentrates on solving the business issues, drives a high adoption rate, and sustained efficiency through ease of use features.
  • Targeted implementation – by pre-packaging the solution with proven business processes and methodologies; the risk, cost and time to implement this solution is greatly reduced.

Copernicus Overview

World Class Asset Management As A Service for Mining Companies

  • With ABB Ellipse as the Software Platform
  • With Private Web Hosting
  • At an affordable subscription price
  • With a minimal requirement of cash upfront
  • With a low cost, short and easy implementation process and rapid training.

Copernicus is a solution to help organize and maintain:

  • Effective asset and work management
  • Labor Costing & Utilization
  • Condition Assessment
  • Effective Procurement
  • Inventory Management

Ellipse from ABB

  • A pre-packaged, fully defined end-to-end solution for mining, transportation and utilities.

  • The solution encompasses our depth and breadth of industry expertise, together with our market leading products and services to provide a unique solution to the market.

  • The solution is fully pre-packaged:

    • Business process definitions
    • Fully-configured software products
    • Implementation methodology
    • Defined roles and responsibilities
    • Packaged training material
    • User acceptance test (UAT) scripts

  • All of which are fully documented and cross referenced.