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Asset Intensive Industries such as Mining, Transportation and Water / Waste Water Utilities must operate safely and efficiently with the lowest cost structure possible. Aging equipment, infrastructure and workforce; complex supply chain; and regulatory pressures add to the challenge. Maintaining an efficient and safe operation requires end to end processes and systems to keep up. Big Players in these industries look to enterprise class software to automate and drive best practices. But these projects can cost millions and take years to implement! Small to mid-size organizations need the same best practices, but with a simpler, quicker and affordable solution.

Based on ABB Ellipse – a world class Enterprise Asset Management solution used by some of the largest mining, transportation, and water / waste water utility companies across the world. Thousands of engagements leveraging ISO 55000 standards form the bases for best practice process models built-into Ellipse. Ellipse is a solution to help organize and maintain: Business efficiencies, Effective equipment reliability, Labor force utilization, Cost control, Effective procurement and Inventory management. No matter your enterprise asset types, Ellipse can handle it: linear or continuous assets such as pipelines, roadways and rail; rolling stock such as busses or hauling trucks; fixed assets and facilities. With the low cost to implement built-into Copernicus, now small to mid-size companies can have the same functionality for less money, in less time and with expertise to ensure your success. Copernicus is built to support your asset centered universe. Simple Copernicus incorporates ABB’s recommended business processes. Quick Fill in a simple spreadsheet with your data. Upload. Train on the business processes. Go! Affordable All-inclusive monthly subscription with affordable implementations costs.

ABB Ellipse which includes the following major business processes:

You also get:

  • Analytics for all processes
  • AddOns pre-configured Ellipse to match the business processes delivered by ABB.
  • AddOns tools based on Excel Spreadsheet to input your data for ease of uploading to get started.
  • AddOns Private Cloud Hosting • AddOns Application Services with U. S. based resources, previous Ellipse users,
  • AddOns personal services with assigned Service Delivery Manager
  • AddOns Evergreen Services to stay current with new releases and functionality from ABB Ellipse
  • AddOns Learning Portal for end users to access online tutorials
  • Functional Consultants to help your company adopt the best practice business processes based on ISO 55000 standards.

A pre-integrated solution shortens the timeframe required for you to be up and running with an EAM/ERP system that supports your core day-to-day processes. AddOns can deliver accelerated implementation because the solution is preconfigured with best business practices, industry-specific logic, and process definition. This means your solution can be completed in as few as 90 days, giving you a rapid time to value.

Accelerated deployment of the clearly defined business structures and models that are built into the software means that, in no time, you’ll be able to respond faster and make better decisions that directly impact your operation’s bottom line.

Implementation Cost ranges from $60k to $150k if standard pre-configured processes are used. Includes: basic configurations; one simple integration, online training, one week onsite for initial discovery session, one week onsite during “go-live”, two weeks post go-live support with functional consultants, then transition to support Service Delivery Manager. Travel expenses charged as incurred.

Monthly Subscription Cost depends on number of named users. $500/user/month for a 36-month term. User count starts at 5 users minimum and grows in increments of 5. Includes: Ellipse licenses based on “Full” and “Limited Use” model with (1) Full user and (4) Limited Users making up the increments of 5; private cloud hosting, application support, Ellipse maintenance, one major and three minor releases per year delivered with automated pre-testing and online training, online learning portal, Service Deliver Manager support.

As an Authorized Provider of Ellipse, AddOns has been helping our clients harness the power of ABB’s Ellipse by providing implementation, support, hosting, managed services, and systems integration. We deliver technical solutions, consulting, and software products to help the world’s most asset-intensive industries, solve their biggest challenges at the individual plant level, regional, and for national or fleet-wide operations. No matter the asset type, you will have one system to manage and keep information for all. We bring a strong understanding of mining, transportation and water / waste water utilities to the table, with our staff having extensive experience in those industries. We know what it takes to provide IT solutions that help you navigate economic, environmental, regulatory, and even geo-political challenges of meeting your day-to-day and long-term operational goals.