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Adapting your mining operation to the digital age can be challenging

According to a recent report from EY, improving digital effectiveness will be one of the most important business problems facing mines in 2018. Effective digital integration can have many different impacts on a mining operation.

  • Increased equipment availability and reliability– Proactive and predictive maintenance schedules reduce unplanned downtime.
  • Reduced inventory levels– Eliminate duplicate part orders and unused stock with digital inventory management.
  • Intelligent equipment management– Smart analysis of when, where, how and under what conditions equipment is being used provides more information than just knowing how long equipment has been in the field.
  • Increased overall efficiency– Integrated asset management software can increase the overall efficiency of a mining operation from boardroom, to production.

The digital revolution is changing the mining sector along with the rest of the world. Being on the leading edge of digital transformation can give mines the advantage they need to be successful.

Digital transformation revolves around you with the AddOns Copernicus solution

Across solutions for asset optimization and management, workforce and mine operations management, and real-time operations and control, AddOns and ABB help mines increase availability and reliability, ensure safety, security and sustainability, and improve operational performance and efficiency. Learn more about enterprise software for mines here. 

Copernicus, AddOns complete pre-configured mining solution, as-a-service, provides a scale-able Enterprise Asset Management solution for mining operations to increase efficiency through a prepackaged, fully integrated platform tailored to your unique needs.

Learn about AddOns’ Solution: Copernicus

The AddOns Advantage

  • We help mining companies stay efficient in a climate of economic, environmental, regulatory, and geo-political uncertainty.

  • We offer streamlined solutions that solve I.T. problems with some of the world’s most efficient mining operations.

  • Over 85% of AddOns consultants have worked directly for mining companies, with 100% having experience working with mining companies.

  • We have an unbeatable track record of being on time and on budget.

  • We are your partner in upgrading to the next release of Ellipse/Ellipse 8.

  • We provide Private Cloud and Cloud-related services and excel in providing high system availability and SLA achievement performance.

  • We offer streamlined ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementations by our highly experienced team.

  • We are experts in Inventory Management and Procurement based on Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) techniques.

  • We streamline your processes, improve efficiencies, and reduce costs across your entire operation through the efficient maintenance of equipment, improved inventory tracking and procurement, decreased down time and reduced lost production.

  • AddOns provides expert consulting services for the mining specific capabilities of Ellipse, including Operating and Production Statistics, Downtime and Lost Production, Stock Pile Management, etc.