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Better Connectivity Leads to Best Options for Mining in Latin America

Digitizing mine operations cannot be fully implemented unless connectivity is addressed. Because of the remoteness of many mine sites throughout the world, mine managers and executives consider advanced technical software as simply not an option. This is especially true for many remote mining sites throughout Latin America.

Due to recent investments and telecommunication advancements throughout the region, more miners are now able to seriously consider IT solutions, including privately-hosted EAM software. These options will optimize output and lower expenditures for mine operators.

Telecommunications had a slow start in Latin America but it is currently one of the driving economic forces that we see booming in these countries today. Additionally, Latin America depends heavily on the mining industry for economic growth.

Across the globe, telecommunications and IT solutions are working with mining companies to help them become more efficient.

Latin America’s telecommunications infrastructure was solely state-owned by public companies until the late 1980’s. Therefore, IT growth was hindered until individual Latin American countries switched to privatized companies.

Chile was the first country to make this drastic change. In 1988, Chile privatized the “Compania Telefonos de Chile,” which switched the power to build IT infrastructure from the hands of the government, to the hands of the private sector.

Many countries that followed suit since this switch, have witnessed vast improvements within Latin American countries. Many leaders say the privatization has led to a competitive environment and encouraged companies to work hard to achieve economic success.

Additionally, there has been extensive progress in both the areas of hardwiring and satellite technology. Either connection has become suitable and stable for mining operations to begin connectivity and develop a well established IT infrastructure.


Telefonica have invested $100 billion from the year 1990 and are currently present in 15 countries throughout the region. They have hardwired many mining-centric countries in Latin America including, Chile, Peru, and Brazil, with an optic fiber network. Chile is also known in the region for having a “fiberglass highway” and is currently the leader in Latin American telecommunications.


Some of the bigger countries have chosen to invest in satellite technology. In the 1980’s Mexico, Brazil and Colombia invested into contracts with overseas companies like Hughes Corporation and Canada’s Spar Aerospace to help them expand these efforts. Satellites not only make consumer services easier but it will also help with business-oriented services, such as telex, data and other cloud services. These are specific areas of interest for remote mining sites to consider for private-hosting solutions.

Better Connectivity Leads to Best Options for Mining

How much infrastructure is necessary to implement IT solutions in the mining industry?

AddOns EAM solution is an industry leader and many people are surprised to find out that you only need 3 or 4G to access the system.

This can be a game changer for mining companies large and small. We provide time-saving and labor-reducing tools that allow our clients to regain the time to focus on crucial tasks of the mine.

Our system helps to organize and maintain:

  • Business efficiencies
  • Effective equipment reliability
  • Labor force utilization
  • Cost control
  • Effective procurement
  • Inventory management

If infrastructure isn’t holding companies back what is?

There seems to be a few other concerns holding Latin American mining companies back from taking this leap into the world of privately-hosted IT.

  1. A cultural shift of mind
  2. Time and money for training employees to operate the new systems
  3. Concerns of property protection and security

Cultural Shift

Many cloud based EAM’s are just now coming into the spotlight in Latin America. It isn’t hard to understand the hesitancy involved in making the switch from a traditional, homegrown system to those of a third-party. The Internet of Things has allowed innovation in all things mining, including asset management and optimization. During a time of decreasing CAPEX and increasing output, miners must consider all options in technologies to bring extra value to operations.

Employee Training

AddOns is proud to be an all inclusive service providing our customers with full support. When companies invest in AddOns, there is no need to hire or train extra personnel because the business is done remotely. This ensures that people on the ground are able to focus on mining operations and worry less about the efficiency of their business.

Protection and Security  

Security is of highest priority in the field of mining. Many people are worried about losing important information on the cloud or others gaining access. Hiring a hosting service, such as AddOns means they are private data servers and are hosted remotely.

Outsourcing this data means information and applications are not typically running near the company’s geographic location, and no matter what happens to the company computer or server, data is being stored elsewhere and it can be accessed from a new location.


To summarize, mining operators in Latin America now have viable access to new privately-hosted I.T. solutions. Telecommunications infrastructure in most parts of the region are well established and strong enough for these adoptions. This added value allows operators to lower costs, improve security and increase productivity. Connect with us at AddOns, Inc. and allow us to show you how our private-hosted I.T. solutions can change your mining operations.