April OptimizeNews – I.T. Insights from AddOns

April OptimizeNews – I.T. Insights from AddOns

The AddOns team attended the 5th Annual State of Good Repair Conference in Washington, DC March 9th and 10th.

  • ABB’s John Wimmer spoke about the importance ISO 55000 had as input to the State of GoodRepair requirements and how good maintenance practices drive operational value.
  • We also heard from the FTA Office of Budget and Policy on the resources available to transits such as templates for TAM plans, requirements for capital planning and inclusion of facilities. We heard experiences in building TAM Plans, gaining executive buy-in and setting up effective asset management organizations from speakers from UTA, Salt Lake City, and WMATA.
  • Jeff Boothe, Principal Booth Transit Consulting, shared his point of view on the planned infrastructure budget currently under consideration in Washington DC and the fact that very little funding is allotted for bus transportation and his fear that the FTA may lose funding. He also commented on whether private public partnerships can work in public transportation without the FTA grants most transits rely on.
  • Joe Calabrese, CEO of Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority shared his story of modernizing the Cleveland Bus System and Lou Cripps from RTD in Denver shared how he has been using metrics and data to improve condition based maintenance.


  • FTA Budget faces 20% cuts to public transit capital grants. Declining ridership due to disruptive services like Uber and Lyft.
  • FTA is requiring compliance with State of Good Repair. But just being compliant may not be enough to weather this storm of threats to revenues. The fact is assets do not fail simply because of their age. They fail because of their condition, their intensity of use and the type of usage.
  • ISO55000 standards were the basis for the FTA’s MAP21 which then grew into the current State of Good Repair.  Ellipse was built on ISO55000 Asset Management practices and AddOns combined with ABB have expertise to take transit agencies beyond compliance.

Don’t get left behind – Transit Asset Management

Click here to download ABB’s FTA Transit Asset Management PDF, and learn how you can prepare for compliance and beyond.

Larry Henman
Senior Asset Management Consultant

Currently, Larry is delivering as maintenance lead on AC Transit.

  • Over 20 years Ellipse experience
  • Extensive knowledge of Mining and Public Transit best practices and procedures
  • Recognized expert in Operations, Maintenance, and Supply Chain Management with 30+ years’ experience in leadership roles
  • Expert in extracting analytical data and presenting to a variety of audiences
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