AddOns News Update†

May 29, 2018

AddOns Welcomes New Customer: Tacora Resources Inc.

AddOns is excited to announce a new customer relationship with Tacora Resources Inc. In July 2017, Tacora purchased the Scully Mine along with all assets. Although the Scully mine was pre-existing, Tacora is a new company.

Tacora had their new EAM and ERP solution, ABB Ability Ellipse, implemented late 2017 and will be using AddOns for support with managed services, evergreen services, and application support services, along with hosting on the AddOns private cloud environment. Tacora will be leveraging AddOns for I.T. services, such as email, to support their operations. Click here to learn more about AddOns managed services support.

The AddOns team is eager to support this new Ellipse EAM user as they grow in the mining industry. To read updates on Tacora with the Scully Mine, please click here.