ANNOUNCEMENT: COSOL and AddOns announce strategic partnership

Global coverage for EAM customers

Littleton, 23 Aug 2018: COSOL Pty Ltd (COSOL) and AddOns, Inc. (AddOns) today announced the signing of a strategic partnership that will allow both companies to sell each other’s products and services in their respective regions and provide a framework for collaborating globally. This presents many opportunities for both companies’ respective Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) clients and asset intensive companies with EAM systems globally.

Both COSOL (Australia) and AddOns (North America) have provided consulting and technical services to EAM customers for over 15 years. This partnership provides for both the leveraging of each companies’ great depth in skills and capabilities as well as the use of the different time zones to provide customers with a “sun never sets” support capability. COSOL maintains an Integrated Service Delivery Centre for multiple EAM solutions in Australia and AddOns has a significant technical support center focusing on one EAM solution in North America, with significant value adding tools (including the Evergreen service). The intention of the partnership is to bring the strengths in both companies to both regions.

COSOL has established itself a market position as a premier service provider in a variety of data management areas including data quality analysis, data migrations, legacy data management and EAM analytics. The corner stone of these services is the RPConnect® product and AddOns will represent the RPConnect® product in North America.

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About COSOL Pty Ltd

COSOL is a global, professional service provider, specializing in providing strategic advice and practical delivery to optimize our clients’ business processes and technology systems. COSOL is a privately held Australian Company that celebrated 18 years of servicing customers in 2018. Our specialists have a valuable combination of asset intensive industry experience and technology systems expertise. The combination of this and our product suite enable us to strategically plan, design, deliver and optimize operational systems and enterprise systems, continually optimize business processes and efficiently solve the most complex issues.

About AddOns, Inc.

AddOns is a comprehensive managed services provider of EAM software to asset intensive industries. Privately held and celebrating twenty years of business in 2018, AddOns is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of functional and technical business specialists with extensive hands-on experience. We are skilled materials, maintenance, operations, and finance specialists as well as developers, technical hardware specialists, programmers and report specialists with a history of increasing productivity and improved reporting that enables and enhances business decision-making. AddOns offers private cloud hosting, application support, professional services, software data connectors, and Evergreen Services.

About Evergreen

New releases require testing configuration, interfaces, reports and personalizations, all of which are unique to each customer EAM environment.  This testing process can require weeks of testing, and software expertise to identify when something needs attention.  Many EAM customers postpone implementing new releases because of the time, effort and disruption involved.

With Evergreen Services, new releases are managed for the customer, taking away the analysis, majority of testing time and issue discovery required to implement each new release.  The actual code of all new releases is compared to previous releases and analyzed for changes line by line. Our familiarity with the configurations, integrations, custom reports and personalization in each customer system environment allow us to make a recommendation specific to each customer situation.  We leverage hundreds of use cases and automatic testing technology to optimize new releases applied to the system. We also train users on the new features and interactions for each release to make sure users use the upgrades to their full potential.  Evergreen services include online training for each release and is available in an online learning portal.

About RPConnect®

When legacy or historical data resides in disparate or obsolete systems, data retrieval, comprehensive reporting and intelligent analysis of multiple data sources can be a difficult, time-consuming and costly process.

RPConnect® has been developed by COSOL to provide a flexible and sustainable solution to successfully transition data from disparate systems by utilizing the RPConnect® repository. COSOL has made a substantial investment in the development of SAP and other operational system mappings to provide fast track implementation and vaulting of legacy data.

RPConnect® uses pre-built links to provide a logical view and drill-down capability into the underlying data structures. These links enable RPConnect® users to successfully fast track a move to a new system and access information from multiple applications. It provides a comprehensive ad-hoc query tool to perform data browsing enabling the authorized end users to extract data without requiring assistance from the IT team. The data can then be used to create reports that executives and workers at all levels can easily access.