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ABB Ability™ Ellipse® EAM

ABB Ability™ Ellipse® is an EAM application for asset-intensive industries. Developed over the past 30 years, Ellipse® continues to be enhanced to support best practices, out of the box, and extensible innovation in EAM business processes. It provides a modern user interface that may be personalized to meet specific business needs or extended and integrated through a standard based integration platform to deliver innovation for asset-intensive industries.

AddOns partners with COSOL for “Sun Never Sets” Support and RP Connect® Data Solution


When legacy or historical data resides in disparate or obsolete systems, data retrieval, comprehensive reporting and intelligent analysis of multiple data sources can be a difficult, time-consuming and costly process.

RPConnect® has been developed by COSOL to provide a flexible and sustainable solution to successfully transition data from disparate systems by utilizing the RPConnect® repository. COSOL has made a substantial investment in the development of SAP, Ellipse® and other operational system mappings to provide fast track implementation and vaulting of legacy data.

RPConnect® uses pre-built links to provide a logical view and drill-down capability into the underlying data structures. These links enable RPConnect® users to successfully fast track a move to a new system and access information from multiple applications. It provides a comprehensive ad-hoc query tool to perform data browsing enabling the authorized end users to extract data without requiring assistance from the IT team. The data can then be used to create reports that executives and workers at all levels can easily access.

ABB Ability™ Ellipse® EAM

Enterprise asset management (EAM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) for the mining industry.


The Mine-to-Market Process. In your Hands. MineMarket provides real-time enterprise visibility across the entire product and logistics process, from ore extraction to product delivery, and through to the fulfillment of contracts. MineMarket manages a range of scenarios to deal with ever-changing market conditions, to optimize contract fulfillment, and revenues. MineMarket also provides comprehensive and integrated coverage of the logistics and sales processes for mining and mineral producers and commodity traders.

Enterprise asset management (EAM) / enterprise resource planning (ERP)


The Mine-to-Market Process. In your Hands.

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